Marie Artaker


Archäutopische Untersuchungen.
Archaeutopian Inquiries

  • Editor(s): /ecm 2016–2018
  • Publisher: Edition Angewandte
  • Year: 2017
  • Size: 21 × 29.7 cm

Exhibition catalogue for “FUTURE undone. An Experimental Assemblage about the Future of the Museum and the Museum of the Future” at the Angewandte Innovation Laboratory, AIL, Vienna, 2017.
The exhibition was curated by the students of the curatorial studies MA programme ecm – educating/curating/managing, University of Applied Arts Vienna. Exhibition views by Alicia Pawelczak.

The format of the publication resonates with the polyphony of the exhibition “FUTURE undone” and the collective, open process of thinking about the future and the museum as a space of utopia. Each copy is a unique collation of pre-printed content and documents published in real time. It may contain selected essays, texts written by the curators, views of the exhibition, proceedings of the Public Program and documentation of interventions in public space. There is no pre-defined chronology according to which the content ought to be ordered.

Throughout the three weeks of the exhibition, the publication was continuously supplemented by new content created or discovered over the duration of the show. The date of composition accompanies each text and image for the purposes of orientation. On the last day of the exhibition the publication was complete.

Studio photography by Robi Faustmann,
picture editing by Anna Zimmermann.